Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Most leagues will be drafting in August, which means it’s time to start preparing for your fantasy football season. In order to be the best, you’re going to want the best possible roster in order to be successful, and if you have any of these QBs on your roster, you can feel confident at the start of the season.

Now, these lists are not ranked according to their draft ranking, and instead, is a list of QBs I believe who will end the year as a top 10 fantasy option. So, let’s get down to business and breakdown why each of these guys have the potential to be an elite QB for your fantasy team.

Top 10 Quarterbacks

1. Lamar Jackson

The Ravens starting QB is going to be high on everybody’s draft boards this year, and for good reason. Last year, Jackson put up ridiculous numbers, totaling over 3000 yards through the air, and backed it up with just over 1200 rushing yards. That alone makes Jackson a premiere threat in fantasy football, but it goes even further than that. He also through an impressive 36 touchdowns along with 7 rushing touchdowns, giving him 43 total TDs on the year. On top of that, he averaged an insane 27.7 points per game (in PPR leagues), making him an obvious QB1 all season long. Entering the 2020 season, Lamar Jackson has more weapons around him, and relatively the same coaching staff, which means he’s poised to repeat his success again. If Jackson stays healthy, I feel confident in saying that Jackson will be the number one fantasy football QB this year.

2. Patrick Mahomes

Last year, Mahomes finished the season as the 6th best QB in fantasy football. In fact, in comparison to his 2018 season, you could argue that 2019 was a down year for the Chiefs superstar QB (at least in fantasy football). After signing a record breaking deal to stay in Kansas City for the next decade, Mahomes is setup to play as an elite QB again. The guy is entering his 4th year of his career, and there’s a real chance he actually plays even better. He also has the potential to repeat his 2018 performance, especially since the Chiefs just came off a Super Bowl win, and he’ll have the same stud passing group around him. Last year, Patrick Mahomes put up over 4000 yards along with 26 passing touchdowns. Those are phenomenal stats and they’re considered a down year for this kid. I’m expecting Mahomes to “re-take” over the league and win the MVP this season, which means he’ll be giving you elite numbers for your fantasy team.

3. Dak Prescott

In comparison to Lamar and Mahomes, Prescott isn’t really comparable in the real world. However, in fantasy football, Dak Prescott is a stat stuffer, which makes him an incredible fantasy QB. In fact, in PPR leagues, Prescott finished 2019 as the 2nd best QB in fantasy football, with only Lamar Jackson being ahead of him. Last season, he nearly threw for 5000 yards and totaled 33 TDs (passing/rushing) on the year. This led to the Cowboys QB to averaging 21.1 fantasy points. The beautiful thing about Dak Prescott, is that he flies under the radar in most leagues, which means you can probably draft him in the middle rounds of your draft after stacking up your RBs and WRs. Plus, just look at his supporting cast in Dallas… Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Ezekiel Elliot, and they just drafted CeeDee Lamb? There’s no wonder why this guy stuffs the stat sheet week in and week out.

4. Russell Wilson

What’s there not to like about Russell Wilson? He can throw, run, extend plays, doesn’t get sacked much, and he doesn’t turn the ball over either. On top of that, he threw for just over 4000 yards last year, and capped it off with 31 TDs through the air. He’s also a seasoned vet at this point in his career, and has shown consistency, proving he’s a franchise QB. Last year he averaged 20.5 fantasy points per game, and I see him repeating those numbers in 2020, with the potential to do even better. Reliability is what you should be looking for in your fantasy team, and Russell Wilson gives you just that every single week. He’s also a guy that you can snag in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft, which could give you a competitive edge when building your roster.

5. Kyler Murray

Typically, I try to stay away from young Quarterbacks until their 3rd year in the league, but Murray is a guy that’s poised for a big season. He has incredible WRs to throw to in Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and new addition superstar DeAndre Hopkins. Not only that, Kenyan Drake has the potential to be a top RB in the league, giving Murray a solid run game to rely on throughout the year. Considering the cast of players around him, and that he’s playing in a pass heavy scheme in Arizona, Kyler Murray has a chance to break the “Sophomore Slump” and play at a high level. In 2019, Murray put up just over 3700 yards with only 20 TDs, along with an average of 17.8 fantasy points per game. Those are impressive numbers for a rookie, and any improvements he makes would make him a reliable QB for your fantasy squad.

6. Deshaun Watson

If DeAndre Hopkins were still on the Texans, I would have Watson up at the 4 spot, but after Bill O’Brien’s trading shenanigans, it’s hard to imagine Watson putting up the same stat line as he did in 2019. Although it’s likely he regresses as a fantasy QB, Deshaun Watson is still talented enough to finish as a top 10 option. He put up impressive numbers last year, passing over 3800 yards and throwing 26 TDs. He also finished as the 4th best fantasy QB after averaging 21.3 points per game too. I don’t see him repeating this stat line due to the depleted roster in Houston, but he plays similar enough to Russell Wilson that you should feel comfortable starting him as your QB this year as your QB1.

7. Josh Allen

Josh Allen turned out to be a pleasant surprise last year for fantasy players. He put up a nice stat line of just over 3000 yards through the air, along with 20 passing TDs. He’s also a threat in the run game, as he rushed for over 500 yards and ended the year with 9 rushing TDs. Allen took advantage of what seemed like a below average WR group in 2019, but John Brown and Cole Beasley proved to be reliable targets in the pass game. For 2020, the Bills traded for superstar WR Stefon Diggs, giving the Bills a true WR1 on their roster. Just based off how well this Bills offense played last year, there’s reason to believe that Josh Allen will be playing as one of the best fantasy QBs in 2020. Even if he puts up the exact same numbers as last season, Josh Allen is still worth being drafted in your fantasy league, as he would be averaging 18 fantasy points a game, and really, that’s a great number to aim for every week.

8. Matthew Stafford

I know what you might be thinking, “Really? Stafford? Give me a break.” But before you tune out, just look at this guy’s stats from 2019. He only played 8 games after sustaining an injury. Of those 8 games he played, Stafford scored OVER 23 fantasy points in 5 games. In fact, he ended up averaging 20.8 points per game in that 8 game time span. Had he been healthy and played all 16 games, that would have made him a better fantasy option than Russell Wilson. He also has a fantastic receiving core in Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr., and TJ Hockenson. The best part about Stafford, is that in 2019, most people acquired him as a free agent in their fantasy league (I was one of them), and it looks like he’s going un-drafted again this year. This means you could get a HUGE steal taking him late in your fantasy draft. The gunslinger isn’t done yet, as he’s only 32 years old, putting him in his prime as a NFL Quarterback.

9. Drew Brees

Drew Brees has been a consistent QB since 2002, and showed last year he’s still got it. Even though he missed 5 games, Brees still put up an impressive stat line, throwing for just under 3000 yards, and 27 touchdowns in 11 games. He’s one of the oldest players in league, but considering his supporting cast of Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Alvin Kamara, Brees is likely to have another fantastic year under Center. We’ll see if age becomes a factor for the future Hall of Famer, but even if he regresses, Brees should still be able to average 17+ fantasy points every week, making him a reliable starter for your fantasy team.

10. Aaron Rodgers

Another reliable veteran to finish off the top 10 list. Rodgers has been putting up top 10 numbers since 2008, and doesn’t seem like he’s willing to slow down. The Packers didn’t do him any favors this offseason after failing to add any new talent in the WR group. But don’t fear, Rodgers has been playing at an elite level his entire career, despite whoever his targets have been. In 2019, Aaron Rodgers put up just over 4000 passing yards along with 26 TDs through the air. He also averaged 17.4 fantasy points, making it his worst average since becoming the Packer’s starter. Even so, putting up over 17 points a week makes him a reliable QB1 in the league, and Aaron Rodgers is likely going to continue playing this way for at least another 2-3 years. Nice thing about him too, is that he’s dropping into the later rounds in fantasy drafts, which gives you the pleasure in filling out your roster before selecting a solid QB for your squad.


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