Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

The Wide Receiver position has the most to offer in fantasy football, as most teams have (give or take) 6 guys on the roster for that position. The best teams in the NFL usually will have 2-3 viable targets for their QB, which means there is a ton of depth at WR for fantasy football. However, there is a big difference between who is in the top 10, and who is ranked closer to the 20-30 range. Which means in order to be successful in fantasy football, you’re going to want to have the best WR group as possible once your draft is concluded. Missing out on elite talent could be detrimental to your squad, so it’s important to consider snagging one of the best WRs in the game.

This list comprises of guys who I believe will finish the 2020 season within the top 10 in fantasy football, and is NOT based on the current rankings you’ll find across the internet. With that said, here are my top 10 WRs in fantasy football this year.

Top 10 WRs

1. Michael Thomas

Thomas is a fantasy football machine. He’s been one of the best in the league since his rookie year, and doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon. 2019 was his best season so far even though Drew Brees missed out on 5 games. Michael Thomas put up an incredible 1725 receiving, 9 touchdowns all off of 149 catches. In PPR leagues, he averaged 23.4 points per week, making him the clear-cut WR1 in fantasy football. The Saints look like a tough team this year with a real chance at making a deep run in the playoffs. In order to do that, Michael Thomas is going to play a huge role throughout the year, as he’ll be Drew Brees’ favorite target yet again.

2. DeAndre Hopkins

This dude has been incredibly fun to watch since entering the NFL in 2013. He’s consistently one of the best WRs in the game, and has some of the most memorable catches throughout his career. In addition to that, Hopkins has been on fire even when he doesn’t have a great QB throwing him the ball. In fact, this year after he was traded to Arizona, he stated, “If I could do it with Brock Osweiler, I could do it with anybody.” The man exudes confidence in himself, and if you have opportunity to draft him this year, DO IT! Last year, D-Hop was able to put together an impressive stat line, reeling in 104 catches, over 1100 yards, 7 touchdowns. All of that together allowed for the superstar WR to average 17.9 points per week, which made him the 5th best in fantasy football. He’s now on an Arizona team where he’s teammates with future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, exciting rookie QB Kyler Murray, and an offensive scheme that emphasizes the passing game. Everything is pointing towards a monster season for DeAndre Hopkins, and he has the potential to dethrone Michael Thomas from the #1 spot.

3. Julio Jones

The long-time Falcons Wide Receiver is entering his 10 year of his career, which many people are using as an excuse to not draft him… The fact is, Jones has a ton of experience, he’s consistently been one of the best WRs in the league since his rookie season, and he’s still only 31 years old, putting him in the PRIME OF HIS CAREER. QB Matt Ryan has made Julio Jones his favorite target for the better part of a decade, and you should expect to see these two connecting throughout the course of this season. In 2019, Jones recorded 99 receptions, over 1300 yards, and scored 6 TDs, which led to the veteran Wide Receiver to average 18.3 fantasy points per week. Jones has been slipping into the late first round/early second round in fantasy drafts, which means if you have a late 1st round pick, Julio can be a guy you start your team with and build around.

4. Tyreek Hill

In the real world, I wouldn’t consider Tyreek Hill within the top 5, but for fantasy football, he’s easily my 4th best WR in the game. Having Patrick Mahomes has its benefits, and when you’re as fast as Cheetah is, it makes for a perfect match for a QB with a strong arm. Hill is exciting to watch, as he’s able to beat Corners deep, or catch a short pass and turn it into a big play. Last year, Hill only played 12 games that led to a dismal 860 yards. But the guy still had 7 touchdowns off of just 58 receptions, which means when he was on the field, he produced. If Tyreek can stay healthy and play more than 12 games next year, he has massive potential to finish with the top 5. Due to his skewed stats from 2019, this year Hill is dropping into the 2nd round in A LOT of mock drafts. You have a real chance to snag an elite WR in the 2nd round this year, strengthening your chances to win your fantasy league.

5. Davante Adams

Considering the Packers front office didn’t acquire any new exciting talent in the WR position, expect Davante Adams to be a fantasy football monster this year. Adams has been Aaron Rodgers top target since about 2016, and has been reliable throughout his career. Last season, Adams missed out on 4 games due to injury, but when he was on the field, he averaged 17.7 fantasy points per week in PPR formats. He also finished with 997 yards with 5 touchdowns, so the guy is obviously a must start if he’s on your squad.

6. Chris Godwin

Tampa Bay may have the best WR group in the league, and with Brady under Center, it makes them that much better. Chris Godwin was a pleasant surprise last year as most people pegged Mike Evans as the WR to own before the start of the season. But now, Godwin looks to be the favorite right now as his play style compliments Tom Brady so well. In 2019, with Jameis Winston as his QB, Godwin was able to record over 1300 yards with 10 touchdowns. What’s great with Chris Godwin, is that he seems to be going in the early part of round two. So if you’re in a snake draft and have a late first rounder, go ahead and take Godwin with your 2nd pick and stack your lineup immediately.

7. Kenny Golladay

Kenny Golladay was one of the best WRs in football last year, and in fact back-to-back great years in a row now. He totaled nearly 1200 yards through the air, and pulled down 11 TDs, making him an elite pass catcher in the NFL. There’s reason to believe he’ll be even better next year, as the Lions offense beefed up their run game after drafting D’Andre Swift, which could be enough to force opposing defenses to respect the Lions run game a bit more. Also throw in he has the gunslinging Matthew Stafford throwing him the ball, it’s looking like Golladay is setup to have his 3rd successful season in a row. And don’t forget, Kenny Golladay is Matthew Berry’s 23rd ranked player on his board. Meaning he’s not even getting drafted until round 2 at the very least. Absolutely insane.

8. Allen Robinson II

His last two years in Jacksonville were nothing to remember, but since joining the Bears in 2018, Robinson has shown steady improvement, and had his best season since 2015, putting up over 1100 yards and 7 touchdowns last year. The Bears have a plethora of targets on their squad, but Robinson is easily the WR1 on this team. No matter what your opinions are of Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles, Allen Robinson is talented enough to make sure he’s going to be open for his QB, no matter who is under Center (he even helped make Blake Bortles look good). He’s also entering his 7th year of his career, meaning he’s a seasoned veteran in the league right now. Based on his improvements over the last 2 years, I believe we may see Robinson put up numbers closer to his 2015 season, which would easily make him a top 10 wideout in the NFL.

9. Mike Evans

Well, would you look that? A second Tampa Bay WR in the top 10? The Bucs offense is so stacked in the passing game, it’s hard to believe anyone is going to have a bad year. I’m expecting Mike Evans to be a touchdown machine this year, as he’s already one of the best red zone targets in the NFL, and boy does Brady love throwing those. Last season, Evans had a great year, picking up over 1100 yards with 8 TDs through the air. He finished 2019 as the 15th best WR in PPR formats, but considering his touchdown potential this year, I feel like I HAVE to put him in the top 10.

10. Adam Thielen

Making a decision on my WR10 was more difficult than it should have been, but at the end of the day, Thielen’s chances of reaching top 10 is better than both Amari Cooper (too many other options for Dak to throw to), and DJ Moore (he’s getting drafted way too early in my opinion). Last year was a down year for the Vikings WR after suffering a hamstring injury that put him out for 6 weeks. He ended the year with only 30 receptions and 418 yards, however, when Thielen was on the field, he brought in touchdowns, reeling in 7 total in a 10 game time span. In 2018, Adam Thielen was MR. Reliable, which led to people drafting him so high in fantasy football last year. He’s coming back from a down year, and people are slightly sleeping on the 7 year veteran. If you look at the Vikings WR group, Thielen is easily the WR1, and has always played better when Stefon Diggs wasn’t on the field with him… Diggs isn’t on the team anymore, and Dalvin Cook is in a holdout. That leaves Adam Thielen as the possible focal point of the Minnesota offense, and based on his potential, Adam Thielen is set up to have a top 10 year and regain that throne.


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