Isaiah Wilson: A Battle Against Mental Health

On Friday night, Tennessee Titans first round selection, Isaiah Wilson was arrested for a DUI after blowing a 0.107. The high toted rookie has had a rocky start in the NFL to say the least, as he had a run in with police in August while at a party. It was a clear violation of a rule the NFL set to limit players from attending gatherings due to COVID. For a young man to finally be in the NFL and making these types of mistakes is alarming, and the Titans front office will be closely monitoring Wilson’s situation.

Clearly this isn’t the ideal start GM John Robinson and HC Mike Vrabel were looking for when they took Wilson with the 29th pick overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, there seems to be an odd trend amongst some Titans fans happening on social media. I understand being upset about the poor decision making by Panda, I know I am. But going out of your way to claim he should be cut from the roster for making a mistake just doesn’t make any sense. In fact, there seems to be something going on with Isaiah Wilson that’s behind closed doors.

Clean Record

Wilson was a highly sought after prospect during his high school days, receiving offers from 80 different schools. He even has some highlight plays lined up as a QB in the Wildcat formation. He also spoke about growing up in Brooklyn while appearing as a guest on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast. Isaiah spoke briefly about the difficulties growing up in Brooklyn, but throughout his adolescent years, Isaiah Wilson had a clean record.

Even during his time in college, Wilson’s only struggle was adjusting to the southern humidity, which led to him becoming a Red-Shirt his freshman year. From there, Panda went on to be a dominant force on the Bulldogs O-line, earning him the honors of becoming the Tennessee Titans first pick in the Draft.

The Turn

The timeline for Isaiah Wilson is short, but a lot has happened so far. First, the rookie RT was placed on the COVID-IR list after either coming in contact with the virus, or being near someone who had it. From there, Wilson was caught at a party where he nearly jumped off the second story balcony just to evade police. Three days ago, starting LT Taylor Lewan made it seem like Wilson is having a tough time adjusting to the NFL life style after stating, “My advice to him, you have to buy in [and] listen to the coaches, and understand the vets are trying to help you.” Then, Isaiah Wilson gets arrested for a DUI where he apparently crashed the car into a wall.

For a young man to achieve his dream and become an NFL player, all while maintaining a clean record, to just turn around and break NFL COVID rules and receive a DUI is quite startling . It’s important to look at Wilson’s situation with perspective. He’s 21 years old, just left the college life, and signed a deal giving him $11.57 million over four years, along with a $5.97 million signing bonus. He’s one of the youngest athletes to enter the NFL, as most players come in at age 22-24. But I can only imagine what it would be like to have nearly $6 million in my pocket at that age. To put it plainly, I would’ve been blowing that money left and right, and probably doing a lot of stupid things too.

It’s really easy to watch Isaiah Wilson struggle right now and make the claim that you would never make these similar bad decisions. It’s especially easy when you’ve never been in the position he is currently in. The fact of the matter is, we don’t really know what is going on with him. Apparently, Wilson posted a picture of himself on Instagram, then quickly deleted it early in the morning. The caption stating, “Honestly, I hate life. I’m fucking up. I’m making mistakes. I’m not myself.” This is obviously someone reaching out for help right now, and the last thing to do is cut him from the roster and neglect his needs. That would likely generate a downward spiral that would push him further down into a dark place.

Help and Guidance

The worst thing to do right now is to spread hate and anger at a 21 year old who is clearly struggling. Instead, everyone should be sending love, help, and guidance to this young man. I’m confident the Titans front office can help Isaiah Wilson as much as possible. Hopefully it’s not something incredibly serious so he can get back to his normal self sooner rather than later. Mental health is a topic that has received more attention over recent years, but it still needs so much more awareness. It doesn’t help we have TV personalities like “Fuck-Face” Skip Bayless spouting nonsense on live television. But it’s time we become better than that.

Reach out to your loved ones, your friends, or whoever. You never really know who is struggling with what until you talk with them, and in some cases, people struggling with mental health issues never reach out for help at all. I hope the best for Isaiah Wilson after making a stupid mistake like this one. I hope he receives the help and guidance he needs right now.


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