COVID and Football: Potential Slow and Fast Starters to Begin the New Season

The NFL season is slowly approaching, and there is still a real chance of it not happening, or possibly being delayed. However, all 32 teams are preparing for the new year as best they can with the epidemic going on across the world. Due to COVID-19, NFL and College football teams will undergo a limitedContinue reading “COVID and Football: Potential Slow and Fast Starters to Begin the New Season”


COVID-19: Life Going Back to Normal

It’s the month of May, and all of us are still slumbered away in our homes practicing social distancing. The coronavirus began in China, which gradually spread across the globe, forcing businesses of all sorts to close their doors. The virus disrupted life as we know it, as we have been unable to go toContinue reading “COVID-19: Life Going Back to Normal”

The 2020 NFL Draft

It’s here. The college prospects are waiting impatiently for their names to be called to an NFL franchise to start their careers. The “experts” are finalizing their final mock drafts before the real one begins, and fans everywhere await with anticipation to see who the next possible star is for their team. The NFL DraftContinue reading “The 2020 NFL Draft”