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College is a wonderful place that allows people the opportunity to further their education and learn about themselves. It’s also a place that is notoriously known for insane parties! The stereotype of college students has been portrayed in films for quite awhile now. Movies like Revenge of the Nerds, Animal House, Old School, American Pie 2, Van Wilder… The list goes on and on, but the point is, college can be pretty close to how these movies portray the lifestyle. I would know from experience, as I spent 6 years to obtain a 4 year degree.

Based on my experience, I had a great time in college, but I can only imagine what it would be like for an athlete, especially if they went to one of the top party schools and were a top player on the roster.

While you’re in college, you learn valuable skill sets that help you gain a better understanding for your career, but it’s also a place where you learn how to chug beer, which is something I’m always down to do! Due to the current trend (when we could pack stadiums and watch sports), of watching pro athletes down a beer, we can only imagine what these guy’s lives were like during their college years. Luckily, I’ve come up with a list of current NFL athletes who likely raged their face off when they had some down time. This is not a ranking either, just a fun list to speculate.

Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug, Chug…

Rob Gronkowski

You’re cant’ have a list of partiers and not have GRONK at the top. This guy has been raging his face off in the NFL from the beginning. There’s even video of Gronk getting down after a Super Bowl loss, so I can only guess how he celebrated a win! Also factor in that Grokowski attended the University of Arizona (Arizona State is known as the party school, but still), there has to be some insane stories he has to share off camera.

Rob Gronkowski also has the personality of a typical jock athlete/frat boy, which is the perfect recipe for crazy shenanigans. Apparently, while in college, Gronk was hired as a security guard for a bachelorette party, but after they fed him drink after drink, Gronk found himself as the hired stripper for the night. Additionally, one day Gronk’s brother turned their kitchen into an indoor slip-and-slide, and their house was known on campus as a top party destination if you were looking for fun. Those two stories alone would put Gronk in the College Party Hall of Fame, and that’s just the two he allowed to go public. Gronk was probably a real life version of Van Wilder at Arizona, which would make him the College King.

Taylor Lewan

Offensive line are known for chugging beer and being big time partiers, which means Taylor Lewan HAS to be on this list. I mean, this guy chugged a beer through a FISH BODY while at a Predators NHL game in Nashville. If you’re a Titans fan, you’re probably well aware of his podcast he runs with Will Compton called Bussin’ With the Boys. On the podcast, just listening to Lewan reminisce his playing days at Michigan, you can tell he has some fire college stories to share, but they might be a little too wild for the public knowledge. Either way, Lewan is a nut and a fan favorite due to his on the field play, and his personality alone. While in Michigan, Lewan could’ve been the dude that constantly did beer bongs, and ended the night shirtless due to the amount of beer spilt all over his shirt.

David Bakhtiari

He’s the second O-lineman on this list, but Bakhtiari more than deserves to be on it. He shared a college story on Bussin’ With the Boys about how he one time gargled $8 vodka just so he could puke and rally. If that’s not dedication to the party, I don’t know what is. He also spoke about his time at Colorado and how his team only won 13 games in a 3 year time span… I don’t know about you, but when your team sucks and you’re not playing in bowl games, what else are you gonna do? Add onto the fact he displayed one of the cleanest beer chugs we’ve seen as he out performed his QB Aaron Rodgers, Bakhtiari likely crushed beers like a champ during his time in Boulder, CO. The superstar Left Tackle seems like that guy who crushed empty beer cans on his head with a fat dip in.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Anybody remember that party boat trip when he was still playing for the Giants? OBJ took a few of his teammates on a party boat in Maimi, then hit the clubs in South Beach afterwards. The reason why this event was viewed so badly was the timing, as they went the week before a playoff game, which obviously brought negative attention towards the Giants locker room. But for a guy to be ballsy enough to attempt it, we can only imagine what his antics were while at LSU with Jarvis Landry. We also witnessed the WR partying at the National Championship game this year, where he was clearly intoxicated, mad dogging security and fans, handing out money to LSU players after the win, and slapping a police officer’s ass in the locker room. OBJ could be a bit more bold as a pro, but based on his antics and personality, Beckham Jr. seems like the guy who stayed up till 6am drinking a 4-Loco swiping left and right on Tinder, even though he had already hooked up with a chick (or 2) earlier that night.

Baker Mayfield

Who didn’t love this guy during his time at Oklahoma? Dominating the dance circle, talking shit to opponents, taunting other teams on the sideline by grabbing his junk… Mayfield has the personality of a guy that’s ready to to do whatever, whenever. Not only that, we have video evidence of him shotgunning a beer at a Cleveland Indians game using his TEETH to puncture the can. Just based on his personality and that video, I imagine Baker as the dude who volunteered to jump off the roof to cannon ball into the pool. Hell, he was probably the guy that instigated body shots after performing such a stunt too.

Tom Brady

Yup, he’s a GOAT, and was likely a GOAT during his days in college too. Brady has the ability to down a beer faster than most. Brian Hoyer shared a story of how Brady basically walked in, dominated his beer, then left, which led to Tom downing a beer on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Also factor in that Tom went to Michigan, AND played as a backup throughout his college career, the GOAT probably had more than enough time on his hands to party when he wasn’t practicing. At the end of the day, I can see Brady being that dude that out drinks everybody in the room but somehow is still the most sober dude there.

Matt Stafford

I know, another QB, but these dudes seem to be machines when it comes to chugging beers. Stafford was chilling at a restaurant with friends when he drained a tall glass of beer like it was nothing. On top of that, Stafford just looks like the stereotypical frat guy you’d run into at college. He’s a backwards snapback and a pair of boat shoes away from looking like the Frat Boy King. Matt Stafford seems like the type that offered to buy shots for everybody, only to ask his friends to spot him at the end of the night.

Honorable Mentions

Sebastian Janikowski

I know, he’s retired, but that’s why he’s under the Honorable Mentions section. Janikowski was a great Kicker in the NFL, and a great partier off the field. I mean, it’s impressive when a QB out chugs the O-line, but Janikowski would DRINK the O-line under the table during his time at Florida State. On top of that, during his time in the NFL, we watched this man sit on the sideline with fat dip in his lip while wearing a jersey that was just too small for him, and he had an incident where he got in a bar fight while playing for the Raiders. Sebastian Janikowski seems like the “Hank the Tank” type, as he was probably outdrinking everybody, was the drunkest in the room, and was still the last one standing when the night ended. Salute to you Janikowski, my next beer is dedicated to you.


The XFL didn’t last long, but it gave us so many great memories. The giant Beer Snake in DC, the touchdown celebrations, and the shotgunning beers after a win were becoming the culture of this Xtremely Fun League. Players were even rushing up to fans after a touchdown and chugging the beer right there on the field! This was enough proof that a large majority of the population of athletes likely partied their faces off during their time in college, and it’s too bad the XFL had to die off so soon. The next time you’re having a beer, make sure pour some out for our fallen comrades.


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